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If you know that your current pictures don’t represent your quality products & services as good as they should be represented and you want to finally take your brand to the next level, you came to the right place.

As a lifestyle photographer I help creative entrepreneurs & business owners in lifestyle industry (design/interior/food/hospitality) who are passionate about their businesses create branding and marketing images that tell their unique story, connect them to their ideal clients & elevate how their brand is perceived by their audience.

From practical, business perspective better pictures help you to stand out from your competitors, be more memorable & therefore attract more clients and make more money, but if you (like me) create because you’re passionate about what you do, then I’m guessing that you also want to inspire your audience, share your message and show what you stand for. And I love helping my clients to reach this through authentic, aesthetic photography that connects them with their customers.

Lifestyle photography collage

Branding is not only your logo or your website design- it’s the whole experience your customer has with you, the look & feel of your business. Have you ever thought how do you want to position your business? What impression do you want to make? You simply can’t have low quality pictures and expect to charge premium prices or be seen as a professional, high quality business.  When it comes to branding every detail matters and using correct images can be one of the easiest ways to set the mood and position yourself.

I have worked with:

lifestyle magazine, hotels, restaurants, product designers & design shops, interior designers, bloggers and advertising agencies or graphic designers building other people’s brands.

So if you’re creative entrepreneur or business owner (or graphic designer who work with them to develop their brand) and you need images for your website/social media/catalogue/you’re going to be featured in magazines or blogs and have no proper images- I would love to help you.

I also do event photography- I love telling inspiring stories and helping people share them with the world. Interesting event photography can be a good marketing tool that helps you to connect with your current & future clients. And who doesn’t love behind the scenes? 🙂 What is more, word of mouth advertising is very powerful and if you provide people who attended your event with beautiful images they are likely to share them with their audiences through blogs & social media and promote your business for you! 

Feel free to browse through my portfolio,  client reviews or contact me via Send message button at the end of this page if you’re not sure if I can help you and I would love to answer any questions you have.

I am Lithuanian, currently living in Munich and though I spend most of my time in Germany, I also travel a lot for various assignments abroad.