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By Redijus photography

Hi, and welcome! I’m Lina Skukauskė, Munich based lifestyle photographer and blogger and if I would have to sum up what I do in one sentence, this would be it:

I inspire people through beauty & authentic stories
What does it have to do with you, as a business owner you might ask? Well, to translate my “mission” in a more business-like language, I could also say this- I create images for branding and marketing that help you to stand out & attract your ideal clients. And this has to do everything with beauty, inspiration and telling your authentic story. There can be many ways to live your dreams, but I believe in living your dreams through entrepreneurship where you build a business based on your unique talents & passions. Something that lights you up, shows what you stand for and changes the world by adding your unique gifts to it. And good branding plays a huge role in your success here.

With all this in mind I aligned my business to what matters to me most- I work with people who value their unique talents and self-expression and want to change the world by creating businesses that bring more beauty and inspiration in our daily lives. You could say that I want to start a small “inspiration revolution”. I love the quote “By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others” and that’s exactly what I want to do- help business owners share their message about products & services they put their hearts and souls in. I want to inspire others not only to try what you have to offer but also to inspire them by your beautiful business to believe that they, too, can make their dreams into reality. Because honestly I believe life is too short and too valuable to NOT follow your dreams.

We’re a good fit if:

  • You create products/services that are high quality and you put your heart and soul into them and you want to have aesthetic, inspiring images to represent what you do via your site and social media
  • You want to be seen as a professional, attract new clients and earn more money
  • You understand how important good photography is for your branding, but it’s just not your zone of genius
  • You know your current pictures stop you from charging what you’re worth because they don’t convey the value you provide
  • You want your business to inspire people and improve their lives
  • You love pinterest and lifestyle magazines, but don’t have the time to learn how to take these magazine-like pictures yourself
  • You feel overwhelmed having to do all things yourself in your business and finally want to upgrade
  • Your focus is on lifestyle industry- food, design, interior, travel & lifestyle portraiture and visual aesthetic is of high importance for you

Some things I just don’t do:

  • I don’t work with people who want things as quick and as cheap as possible and provide low quality products/services they don’t really care about
  • I don’t photograph wedding/newborns/families. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those things personally, but my zone of genius is thinking through business perspective
  • I don’t work with companies promoting things that bring negative effects for people (alcohol, tobacco industry etc.)- it’s a personal choice (and it brings bad karma 🙂 )

Interested to know more about me? Here are some things to give you an idea (in random order):

  • I love essential oils & crystals
  • I worked in lifestyle magazine where I fell in love with the possibility to share stories about inspiring business owners and decided to pursue this as a business
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for past 9 years
  • I studied in Denmark and love Scandinavian design and aesthetics
  • I’ve ran a marathon and in general like active, healthy living
  • I’m Lithuanian, but for a year and half now I live in Germany with my husband
  • I love all things related to personal development & constantly study something that helps me grow
  • Fresh flowers, beautiful interiors, early morning walks & traveling are some of the things that light me up
  • During the weekend you’re likely to find me hiking in Alps. I just can’t get enough of that 🙂
  • I’m Gemini, ENFJ type, sanguine and number 8 by numerology
  • I love the quote “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right” by Henry Ford and I 100% believe that your mind is the only limit in what you can reach

If you’re wondering whether I could help you grow your business or blog
you can find everything in details in Work with me page or you can read my client reviews. If you want to see more of my works than in my portfolio section here, you can take a look at my portfolio at Behance.net, which I update frequently and where I currently have more than 104 000 followers (I love that community!).

I also write a personal blog about things that I enjoy wholeheartedly- vegetarian cooking, hiking/exploring great outdoors & personal development.


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